At Geico, technology and sustainability are combined with a profound sense of social responsibility.

The Pardis Project

In Farsi, the term Pardis means Paradise. This is the name of the 2005 project that launched the Energy Independence Day challenge, this year set for June 16, 2020. The project has the aim of developing an energy self-sufficient paintshop, thus reducing consumption by 70%.

This ambitious goal was achieved in 2017, three years ahead of schedule.


In keeping with the responsible approach towards individuals and the environment we are noted for, we’ve been collaborating since 2014 with Treedom, a B-Corporation that has distinguished itself for its excellent social and environmental performance.

Ecological debt-free day

To turn our commitment to the environment into a concrete gesture towards the local community, we organized Ecological Debt-Free Day, a day when the children of our employees’ planted trees in Cinisello Balsamo.

The goal? The goal was to offset our accumulated “debt” to the planet due to our use of paper, and to refurbish one area of​the town.